Conference Organisers: Marilena Parlati (Padua), Rosario Arias (Malaga), Donata Bulotta (University of Calabria), Eleonora Federici (L’Orientale Naples) Federica La Manna (University of Calabria), Annalisa Oboe (Padua), Nicoletta Vallorani (Milan)


We shall read through the terms ‘vulnerability’, ‘risk’, ‘wound’ and ‘trauma’ opening them up to an intensely interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary scrutiny. Italian, Anglophone, German/ophone, Hispanic literatures and cultures, comparative and/or global literatures, visual culture studies, material culture studies will offer us a situated, possibily predicated view on the ‘precarious lives’ Judith Butler, Marc Augé, Jean-Michel Ganteau deal with in their recent research. The three major clusters will focus more specifically on life writing/autobiography, unstable textualities, complex embodiment and corporeality (malady, old age, disability), memory, archives and obliteration, trauma, forgetting and forgiving, as well as on vulnerable topograhical and geographical sites, hopefully looked at though the lens offered by ecocriticism.

The full program is available for review. Anyone interested in medical humanities and cultural and literary studies are welcome to attend.


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