9:30am  Arrival and tea/coffee 

10am  Introduction

10:15am Panel 1

Commentator: TBA 

David Knight (Durham)
Laughing Gas, materialism, Blasphemy and Coleridge’s Theory of Life 

Tom Rossetter (Durham)
Paternalism, Utilitarianism and the Insanity Plea in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Britain

12pm  Break 

12:30pm Panel 2

Commentator: Prof Nancy Cartwright 

Cathy Gere (University of California, San Diego)
The Monkey in the Panopticon:
Utilitarianism and Neuroscience in Nineteenth-Century Britain 

Matthew Daniel Eddy (Durham)
Savage Minds:
Utility, Education and Sir John Lubbock’s Politics of Cognition

Cheryl Lancaster (Durham)
Utilitarian approaches to past and present stem cell research

2:15pm  Tea/coffee break

2:45pm  Panel 3

Commentator: Prof Andreas Holger Maehle 

Aleksandra Traykova (Durham)
Quantifying Disease Then and Now:
Utilitarianism, 19th Century Science and Disease Objectification in Medicine 

Sophia Efstathiou (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Use Your Mind:
Exercises in Positive Thinking from Early 20th Century Until Now

4:15pm  Close 

Contact The Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society (CHESS) for more information about this event.


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