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This two-day conference will bring together postgraduate researchers from a wide array of disciplines in order to explore interdisciplinary perspectives on, and ways of researching, health, illness and human flourishing. Papers range from philosophical explorations of concept of illness to explorations of creative engagements with health and flourishing. A full programme can now be found online.

The conference will be framed by a keynote by Professor Stuart Murray on  ‘Medical Humanities, Disabled Difference, and Human Flourishing’ and will close with a panel discussion on ‘The Future of Medical Humanities’, bringing together academics from medicine, cultural studies, social science and literature. A panel on academic publishing will provide crucial information and advice for researchers at the beginning of a career in medical humanities.

This conference offers postgraduates an opportunity to present their work to a wider medical humanities audience and to build networks and collaborative relationships for the future. Please register here by Friday 3 May.

We look forward to welcoming you to Durham.
Dr Naomi Marklew and Rebecca Bitenc

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