psychiatry and the meaning of painDiagnoses of clinical depression are on the rise. Are we medicalising necessary emotions? In Psychiatry and the Meaning of Pain, Consultant Psychiatrist, filmmaker and writer Mark Salter makes the case for the value of sadness.

New Picture (2)Even though the successes of western medicine are loudly applauded, alternatives from aromatherapy to raki, acupuncture to crystal healing, balloon in popularity. Is this evidence that the western model of health is flawed? Could any of these alternatives offer a genuinely new paradigm or are we seeing human gullibility at work? In A Paradigm of Health, Director of the Society of Homeopaths Dr. Lionel Milgrom and iconoclastic sociologist Steve Fuller face up to Cambridge biophysicist  Athene Donald, and author of “Placebo: the Belief Effect” Dylan Evans,


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