The symposium on Transitioning Embodiments in Health Humanities will take place on Friday May 4th 2018 at the University of Limerick. The symposium will bring together Irish and international scholars from the disciplines of Cultural Studies, Law, Literature, Medicine, Music, Philosophy and Psychology, to discuss the experience and representation of embodiment in the context of transition, especially as it is associated with the journeys of the human form across terrains of health and illness. This event is supported by the School of English, Irish and Communication, the Graduate Entry Medical School, the School of Law, and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick, as well as the Irish Research Council sponsored workshop Health Research Futures Lab.

The two keynote speakers are Professor Havi Carel, Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol: “Illness and Transplantation as Transformative Experience”, and Professor Paul Crawford, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham: “Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery”. For full details of the programme, or to register, please go to Eventbrite.

This event takes place on Friday 04 May 2018, 8:30-17:00, at University of Limerick Engineering Building, ERB001. It is open to all and free to attend.

For event queries, please contact the Conference Convenor, Dr Yianna Liatsos, School of English, Irish, and Communication, University of Limerick.




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