“Towards Neuro-Social Science: The Politics and Pragmatics of Collaboration”: Neuroscience & Society Network Symposium

When: Thursday December 11th, 9 1m-5 pm
Where: Room 1.71, Franklin Wilkins Building, Waterloo Campus, King’s College London

The more we experiment on and with the human brain and nervous system, the more we realize that our neurobiological inheritances are bound up with cultural, semiotic, bodily, societal and aesthetic ‘webs’ – and vice versa. New forms of exchange between neuroscientists, social scientists, and humanities scholars are emerging, leading to experimentation with concepts  of nature and culture, biology and society, affect and cognition, life and death beyond out-moded ideas of ‘nature versus nurture’. There are, however, few accounts of how such collaborations can or should be done, or of what it is like to experience them. The Neuroscience and Society Network Symposium will help to close this gap, by exploring the ‘politics  and pragmatics’ of collaboration between the social sciences, humanities and life sciences with researchers invested and engaged in these ‘interdisciplinary’ exchanges. The symposium will offer empirically-situated and theoretical accounts of such collaborations, to assist and advise researchers, at all career levels, interested in establishing, sustaining, and interpreting, their own desires for, and experience of, knowledge exchange between the social sciences, humanities and life sciences.

The Symposium is part of a wider programme of activity by the Neuroscience and Society Network to develop and support researchers skilled in empirical and conceptual experiment, engaging in collaborative exchanges between the neurosciences and the humanities and social sciences. The Symposium is organised by Sam McLean and Tara Mahfoud, PhD Candidates (Social Science, Health & Medicine, King’s College London), and is  open to participants at all career levels, but especially post-graduate and early-career academics working across the social sciences, humanities and life sciences.

For inquiries contact Tara Mahfoud.  To register click here.


Allan Young, Marjorie Bronfman Professor in Social Studies in Medicine,
McGill University

Nikolas Rose (NSN Chair, King’s College London), Ilina Singh (King’s College London), Andreas Roepstorff (Aarhus University), Jan Slaby (Free University Berlin), Felicity Callard (Durham University), Des Fitzgerald (King’s College  London), Daniel S. Margulies (Max Planck Institute), Sam McLean (King’s College London), Elena Antonova (Institute for Psychiatry), Jonathan Rowson (Royal Society of Arts), Philipp Haueis (Max Planck Institute).


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