Tonight’s post is from Tilery residents Corrie, Janette and Zana. They’ve been involved in every lanterns event and are stalwarts of the workshops – making and helping others to make. It includes contributions from other workshop participants.

I woke up singing ‘Glory Hallelujah’ this morning! – Janette

We’ve had a very very busy day today, with years 5 and 6 making big lanterns and us working on our own lanterns. We’ve got blisters, sore hands, aching legs, splinters and cuts but still we think it is good for us!  You forget your pains and troubles when you’re helping others. We have a great laugh. We enjoy working with Mary and Gilly, meet lots of new people and love seeing our kids laugh.

“And I enjoy watching!” – Harvey (aged 5)

Paula and her sister have come to all the parades and were in today making a lovely little rocket (they started out making an elephant?!) Paula’s neice rang her up last week

Aunty Paula! It’s lantern time!

That meant that she’ll be coming along to make a lantern. As they said

We love Lanterns! It’s something we can all do together – adults and kids and all the community.We try and do something better every year. We’re thinking of next year’s already! We’ve been inspired by that man’s boat and we’re going to make a car. The drummers make the night. When they start, your heart starts. And when everyone sings that Take That song… well, I fill up every time…

We’ve all got in the swing of lanterns now. At first, the kids are over-excited but now they’re calmer, used to the idea. We’re working together to make a T Rex dinosaur lantern for the kids. It’s big. By the time we finish it’ll be as big as the real thing! Janette’s lad says next time he gets a joinery job, he’ll send her!

T Rex will light up on the night. I’ll make a lantern every year because I love them! – Harvey

I love coming to lanterns because it makes me happy. It makes us nice to people. I like being nice to people. – Macy (aged 4)

We’re open all weekend, so there are lots more stories to come.

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janette gosling · March 30, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Hog Warts next year Mary, wonder who will carry that, or even how big will it be, or maybe , how about The Hog Warts Express, oh my head is filling with ideas already , xx

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