The IAS Debate: This House Believes that there is Nothing New Under the Sun
Sunday 12th October
12.30pm, Durham Town Hall, Market Place, Durham

Can truly new ideas and practices emerge? Or does history simply repeat itself in different forms? Are the evolutionary and physical processes we observe just the logical outcome of development and environmental pressures? Or do unexpected and novel things appear? Is there really anything genuinely ‘new’ under the sun?

Durham University’s Professor Barbara Graziosi and Dr Colin Macfarlane are joined by Sugata Mitra, professor of educational technology and winner of the prestigious 2013 $1 million TED Prize, for his innovative School in the Cloud project, and author, broadcaster, classicist and former stand-up comedian Natalie Haynes to debate whether there is really such a thing as novelty.

Chaired by Professor Tom McLeish

Special Offer for Durham University Students: Tickets £1 if ordered in advance from The Gala Theatre by calling 03000 266 600 or by booking online at and using the code: DURHIAS
(You will need to bring your student card with you to the event)


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