The Lancet invites you to take a little time away from preparing for your clinical work, research, medical studies, consultations, or grant proposal and instead write an essay about what most concerns you in health care. The Wakley Prize is The Lancet’s annual essay competition. The prize will be awarded to the best essay on any topic of importance to medicine and the competition is open to anyone working in a health-related field. We expect fine writing, originality, and thought-provoking argument – and for you to engage our hearts and our minds. The winner of the Wakley Prize will receive £2000, and the essay will be published in The Lancet and feature in our podcast.

Please note that essays should not contain any information that might identify individual patients. Entries will be anonymised, and judged by the editors of The Lancet.

Essays of no more than 2000 words should be submitted through The Lancet’s electronic submission system here, with “Wakley Prize” selected as the publication type. The deadline for submissions is 17 Oct 2016.




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