The Things They Carried: Thinking about Objects in Colonial Nursing
Elaine Freedgood

The first Centre for the Humanities & Health seminar of the academic year kicks off on Wednesday 16thOctober at 6.00pm in room K1.28 at the Strand Campus.

In this seminar, we will think about the kinds of things nurses were advised to take to the colonies, including muslin for curtains, jugs, tea kettles, meat lockers, “optional” helmets, hat ribbons, mackintoshes, ornaments and corkscrews.  What kind of life is imagined in these items, and what kind of life was produced by bringing a substantial chunk of British domesticity to, for example, Sierra Leone?  As importantly, we will think about how to research questions like these, which ask major questions of what are now obscure aspects of material culture.

All welcome.


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