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Durham University English Society and University College Reed and Weed Society
invite you to a panel discussion on

The future of (interdisciplinary) humanities

Tuesday, 15th March, 5pm
University College Middle Common Room

Panellists: Dr Kathryn Banks (Durham), Dr Andrew Crumey (Newcastle), Professor Mikhail Epstein (Emory) and Dr Angela Woods (Durham). Chair: Dr Maebh Long (Durham)

We hope you will be able to join us for a discussion on the present state of humanities and the current proliferation of interdisciplinary research. Does the popularity of disciplines such as medical humanities, law and literature, literature and science, among others, stem from a genuine need for and a popular interest in such a cross-disciplinary inquiry or is it triggered by the requirements of funding bodies and constant necessity to validate work carried out by researchers in the arts? Is it a general research trend that will continue? And if so, how is it going to impact arts and humanities in the future? Can we still do ‘pure’, traditional humanities at all?

The event is free and open to all! For more information, please contact Kaja Marczewska and Rachael Whittle.


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