‘The Experience of Emergence’
Workshops and Podium Discussions at the Durham Institute of Advanced Study

Lectures take place in Elvet Riverside, Room ER140 at 18.00 for 18.15-20.00

10 November 2014
David Herman (Durham)
Metamorphic emergence: narrative modelling of species transformations

15 December 2014
Graham Harman (Cairo)
The flat ontology of emergence

19 January 2015
Bernard Stiegler (Paris)
What is the Anthropocene? Or, negu-anthropology as new critique of philosophical and scientific anthropology

20 January 2015 (Palace Green Debating Chamber) Podium discussion: Digital Studies: The emergence of a paradigm for the humanities Katherine Hayles and Bernard Stiegler

2 February 2015
Nigel Thrift (Warwick)
Invention and emergence: the practices of time

16 February 2015
Patricia Waugh (Durham)
Paradigms lost: emergence and the brave new world of interdisciplinary consilience

2 March 2015
Katherine Hayles (Duke)
The emergence of nonconscious cognition

11 May 2015
Christina Howells (Oxford)
The emergence of the soul

Further information regarding lectures, seminars and podium discussions is here.


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