Can you imagine what ozone pollution sounds like? Could a singing bowl, made with your own blood pressure data, help focus your mind on a healthy lifestyle? Would birdsong convince you to reduce your energy consumption?

The Conference on Sonification of Health and Environmental Data is funded by Wellcome Trust and Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) at the University of York. It is organised by Department of Theatre, Film and TV and the Stockholm Environment Institute of the University of York, and runs on 12 September 2014 Holbeck Cinema, Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York.

If you love sound and music, and work or have a keen interest in health and the environment, then this conference is for you! You can register for free here, now.

The programme includes:

  • the world premiere of a sound installation by internationally acclaimed artist Mark Fell, a live sound performance by Radek Rudnicki together with music ensemble Space F!ght, an immersive 3Sixty audiovisual animation
  • guest talks from international experts on sound and mobile technology, sound perception and cognition, expressive music performance and interaction, environmental and health issues;
  • peer reviewed article presentations ranging from the use of sound to improve limbs movement in various activities e.g. swimming, to auditory displays supporting fuel-efficient driving and home electricity monitoring.

This 1-day Conference, funded by the Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders and supported by the Wellcome Trust, is free and packed with interesting talks and networking opportunities.


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