The Body in Mind: Reflections on Research Embodiment
A Body and Being Network event
Wednesday, 25 February, 5.30pm-7.00pm
Jacqueline du Pré Building, St Hilda’s College, Oxford

The body can be messy, inconvenient and unpredictable. When you’re a scholar, the body can also be suspected of disrupting the research process. Academic cultures tend to negotiate the body by making it invisible – ignoring how it looks, moves and feels.

In this workshop, we will explore what it means to be an embodied researcher. What is the relationship between our bodies and our work lives? How can we understand the roles of the body in research? In what ways do these roles differ depending on our subject or method?

Facilitated by independent dance artist Cecilia MacFarlane and sociologist Juliet Rayment (City University London), this participatory workshop will include both movement and discussion. No previous experience in dance is needed.​

The Body and Being Network is a new research initiative that aims to develop innovative interdisciplinary dialogues about the body. Co-founded by Karin Eli (University of Oxford) and Anna Lavis (University of Birmingham), the network instigates and supports collaborative encounters between scholars and performing artists, and challenges participants to develop analyses that involve their own embodied experiences.

‘The Body in Mind: Reflections on Research Embodiment’ will take place on Wednesday, 25 February, 5.30pm-7.00pm, at the Jacqueline du Pré Building, St Hilda’s College, Oxford. Attendance is free, but please write to the Body and Being Network to RSVP by 23 February.


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