The Art Of Risk
A One-day conference brought to you by Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange and Dare, the ground-breaking partnership between University of Leeds and Opera North.
Thursday 26th June 2014
Hosted at The Howard Assembly Room.


We all take risks. Whether we are an avant-garde theatre company putting on a new production, a large commercial organisation making a tricky business decision, or just a normal person going about their day to day life, the decisions we make contain some degree of risk. But on what basis do we make these decisions? How do we judge whether a risk is worth taking? What forms of rationality or irrationality guide our decision-making? What draws some people to take risks and not others? The ways we approach risk vary enormously. This one day event begins with the simple premise that we have much to learn from each other.

In the run up to the conference speakers from the arts, gambling, medicine and other professions talk about how they calculate and manage risk. Watch the latest video here.


9:30 Registration and coffee

10:20 Welcome and introduction Sue Hayton (University of Leeds) and Dominic Gray (Opera North)

10:30 Risk taking in the arts and media Annabel Arden (Theatre and Opera Director) Anna Higgs (Film4) Christine Chibnall (Opera North)

11:30 Theatre workshop: Risk-taking in contemporary performance Lourdes Orozco (University of Leeds)

12:00 Roundtable 1: Risk and vulnerability

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Structural risk: disaster and recovery Anthony Carrigan (University of Leeds) James Drife (obstetrician and gynecologist) Susie Godsil (psychoanalyst)

14:30 Roundtable 2: Calculated vs. uncalculated risk. Provocation film from Maria Balshaw (Director of Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Art Gallery) and Mike Knights (professional gambler)

15.15 Performance: Dave Kane

15:30 Coffee

16.00 Wildness and risk Jay Griffiths (writer) and Yan Preston (artist)

17.00 Performance Leeds Young Authors

17:15 Plenary panel discussion, Chaired by Dominic Gray

18.00 Wine reception


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