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“Madness—a term reintroduced in our times as if it were sorely needed—is not merely a doubling of the coldly clinical psychosis. While clearly-diagnosed psychosis is sequestered in hospitals or is nowadays more often contained and controlled in a private regimen of prescriptions and pills, madness is more public, more fluid, more threatening. It is measured only against the social order that somehow always fails to exclude it. It crops up everywhere. Few of us are psychotic, but we all feel at times that we may be a bit mad. If madness is a disturbance in the social, a social disorder that we fear, how strange, then, that one of its products should be art, offered up to the public as if to put madness on display. How strange that the social order accepts and accommodates the art of madness and the madness of art. Our study days will consider this strangeness.”

Clinical  Study Days presented by Affiliated Psychoanalytic Workgroups, The Philadelphia Lacan Study Group and the Fordham University, Department of English


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