Anatomyof image-monashThis international conference wishes to create a broader context for analysing cultural, literary, scientific and political constructions of the (bio)medical body. We therefore seek to generate interest in the topic from a wide range of disciplines from anthropology, history, media theory, literature, art history, film, political studies, socials sciences, criminology, law and medicine.

We would like to invite papers to the following panels but will also accept topics of interest not captured by the panels listed:

1) Imagination and Medicine

2) Medical Imaging, Images of the Body

3) (Bio)medical Body in Film, Literature and Theatre

4) The Politics of the (Bio)medical Body

5) (Bio)medical Body in Art History

6) (Bio)medical Body and the Law

7) Media Theory, the Body of Imagination & the Image of the Body

8) Psychiatric Images / Outsider Art

The conference will take place at Caulfield Campus, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia on 16-18 February 2017. Further information is available from the conference website.

Please email proposals no later than Friday, 30th September 2016


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