The 21st Century Body Symposium
Daryll Forde Seminar Room,
Bloomsbury campus, University College London
18th May, 2012
9am to 6pm, followed by a drinks reception

What does it mean to be human in the 21st Century? In what ways is this question affected by new forms of technologies, such as biometrics or the evolution of genetic and neuroscience technologies? Are our perceptions of human identity being recast in the light of these new scientific and technological developments? Are there, or should there be limits in what we can or should do to ourselves and our bodies? How and what does it mean to grow old now that the health and capacity of humans has been stretched for the over 50 population?

This symposium will seek to offer answers to some of these questions and in so doing contribute to the conversation on modern conceptions of human identity and perspectives on the human body. Drawing from insights and ideas from across the disciplines, the aim will be to chart challenges to, and changes in perceptions of identity and the human body in the 21st century in the face of new advances in emerging technologies.

Topics for the day include: virtual identities; privacy, surveillance and authenticity; post-human bodies; cognitive enhancement; environment and society; fertility and reproduction; artificial intelligence systems; ICT implants and prosthetics; converging technologies; animal-human distinctions; genomics and genetic based therapies; neuroscience and neuropharmacology; nanomedicine and care of the ageing; freedom and dignity; ideas about scientific progress.

Registration is free, but essential for catering purposes. Register by 7 May 2012 here. Further details will be available here.


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