Taking ‘Turns’: Material, Affective and Sensory ‘Turns’ in the Academy
Workshop 3 July 2014
School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester

Free one-day regional networking event for researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities Sponsored by the British Academy and hosted by Sociology at the University of Manchester. Full details are available here.

Recent ‘turns’ have raised important issues for academic research across the Arts and Social Sciences, with implications for concepts, methodologies and theories. This event will provide an opportunity for researchers to reflect on the potential and challenges of recent ‘turns’ in academic scholarship and the relationships between them. The topic of ‘turns’ is cross-disciplinary in relevance, as are the ‘turns’ that will be addressed: material, affective, sensory. There will be a key presentation on each of the 3 ‘turns’ by a leading researcher in each field. The event concludes with a round table on the possibilities afforded by recent ‘turns’ for interdisciplinary research.

Speakers: Margaret Wetherell (University of Auckland) – Affective Turn, David Howes (Concordia University) – Sensory Turn, Tim Dant (Lancaster University) – Material Turn. Full details are available here.


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