Mediating Children’s Reading (Workshop, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh, June 21 2016)

by Dr Anne Marie Hagen, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Mediating Children’s Reading: RSE Susan Manning workshop How should children read, and what, and why? The benefits of reading, for the individual child and for society, have at various points in history been bound up with the dangers that Read more…

Conferences and Symposiums

Materialities of care: encountering health and illness through objects, artefacts, and architecture (Conference, University of York, 16-17 September, 2015)

‘Materialities of care’ is a two day event organised by the Universities of York and Leeds, exploring the role of material culture within health and social care. It addresses how everyday artefacts (such as objects, dress, interiors and architecture) can mediate practices, identities and embodied experiences of health and illness. Read more…


History of the Human Sciences Journal: New Incoming Editors & Book Review Editor

HISTORY OF THE HUMAN SCIENCES aims to expand our understanding of the human world through a broad interdisciplinary approach. The journal publishes articles from a wide range of fields – including sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, philosophy, literary theory and criticism, critical theory, art history, linguistics, geography and the law Read more…

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