Call for Papers

How Medical Humanities is Building Bridges to the Future of Medicine (CfP, Bundoran, Ireland, January 13-16, 2016)

Papers on the topic of the influence of Medical Humanities on the current and changing state of medicine are invited to be considered for Drew University’s ‘How Medical Humanities is Building Bridges to the Future of Medicine ‘. Consideration will be given from areas of study, including bioethics, literature, sociology, Read more…

Call for Papers

Reconfiguring Human and Non-Human: Texts, Images and beyond (CfP, University of Jyväskylä, 29‒30 October, 2015)

In recent years, scholars of different fields have turned their gaze to the complex relations between humans and non-humans. Theorists and thinkers of ecocriticism, animal ethics, queer studies, disability studies and numerous other disciplines have challenged the humanist notions that place (certain kinds of) human beings above all the “other” Read more…

Funding Opportunity

Institute of Advanced Study Fellowships (CfA, Durham University, 5 June 2015)

The Institute of Advanced Study is a prestigious, ideas-based Institute bringing together some of the world’s finest researchers from all disciplines to examine themes of major intellectual, scientific, political and practical significance. Durham’s Institute of Advanced Study is distinctive in organising the core of its work around a rolling programme Read more…

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