The press release provided by Operating Theatre describes the show in the following way:

pic_squirrelsZoe, a young woman who has fallen through the cracks, has the constitution of a Cossack, and a fierce love of the outdoors well ok, hanging around the park with her mates getting wasted. She’s part of a self-help group called Squirrels. Word got round that the sisters were doing it for themselves and for a while it went pretty well. Sooner or later, however, someone was going to mess up or get messed up or do something very messy. Operating Theatre’s new piece Squirrels pulls no punches and takes a long, hard look at how some young people who are experiencing mental illness are being left to fend for themselves.

See Squirrels at the Arts Centre Washington: Thursday February 4: 7.30.
Telephone Bookings: 0191 219 3455


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