Second International Conference Exploring the Multi-Dimensions of Well-Being
24 – 25 July
Birmingham City University

Well-being 2013 has a particular focus on examining how professions, practitioners, communities and individuals are reacting to the well-being agenda. The pursuit of high levels of well-being is a key goal of society, yet well-being is a complex multi-dimensional issue, often difficult to define and even more difficult to measure – it is more than issues about health, it is about our broader expectations, needs and aspirations; it is about applying knowledge and evidence to support effective interventions within an integrated and holistic framework. This event will provide a platform for individuals to explore how these expectations can be met.

By bringing together professionals, practitioners and academics, drawn from a wide range of disciplines to present papers, debate and discuss current understanding, practice and theory, the conference provides a unique opportunity for individuals to consider how they can achieve and  support high levels of well-being within the areas in which they operate.

The two-day event will run on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 July, hosted by Birmingham City University. Venue: the Faculty of Health, City South Campus, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

More details are available here.


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