Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings is a community arts in health and education project now in its ninth year, based in a primary school in Chickenley, a socio-economically deprived ‘sink estate’ on the outskirts of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. At the core of Roots and Wings is the art room, a space run by the children at break and lunchtimes with artist support. Children choose to make things of emotional content in these sessions. A number of events take place each year that are now accepted and welcomed elements of Chickenley culture.  There are two annual carnivalesque parades that celebrate transition. One is with the youngest children moving up to ‘big school’ and the other with the oldest, as they prepare to begin life at the High school.  Every March, children and their parents transform their school grounds into a candle-lit representation of their estate for an  event known as Lantern Land.  Other activities include projects to raise aspirations, encourage effective thinking, increase self esteem – and how to apply these qualities and skills to other areas of life.  Every aspect of the project involves reflective practice, whether between the professional practitioners or pupils.


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[…] 2011, a part of the Roots and Wings project, is now in its eighth year. It is a parade, a festival, a performance, and a celebration […]

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