With a view to broadening the scope of medical humanities and established ideas of what this field entails, we are pleased to offer ‘Humanitarian Reason’ by Didier Fassin (UCPress) for review. Expressions of interest are welcome from students, academics and professionals, as well as creative thinkers and writers from the wider online community.  Snapped up! Stay tuned for more review calls soon.

humanitarian reaosn ‘In the face of the world’s disorders, moral concerns have provided a powerful ground for developing international as well as local policies. Didier Fassin draws on case materials from France, South Africa, Venezuela, and Palestine to explore the meaning of humanitarianism in the contexts of immigration and asylum, disease and poverty, disaster and war. He traces and analyses recent shifts in moral and political discourse and practices – what he terms ‘humanitarian reason’ – and shows in vivid examples how humanitarianism is confronted by inequality and violence’.

 If you would like to write a review on ‘Humanitarian Reason’ (approximately 1,000-1,500 words in length),  then please email our reviews editor with a short explanation of why you are well placed to review the book.


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