We are pleased to offer ‘Evidence-based Health Practice’ edited by Valerie Wright-St Clair, Duncan Reid, Susan Shaw, and Joanne Ramsbotham (Oxford University Press, 2014) for review. Expressions of interest are welcome across the medical humanities, and may be of particular interest to those working in, or researching, medical and clinical education.

ebhp‘Evidence-Based Health Practice is an introductory level text for undergraduate students studying in allied health, public health and nursing courses in Australia and New Zealand. It explains research methodology in relation to evidence-based practice and interprofessionalism, and provides students with relevant information to help them develop the skills they need to find, understand and evaluate evidence.

Through carefully chosen case studies and research examples the text shows students how to consider evidence from a broad, team-based, interprofessional practice perspective. In addition, students are encouraged to engage with research in order to develop their thinking and their abilities to reflect upon and refine their practice.’

If you would like to write a review on ‘Evidence-based Health Practice’ (up to 1,500 words in length),  then please email our reviews editor with a short explanation of why you are well placed to review the book.


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