Dr Dori Beeler, “Reiki as Commodity”
The Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society (CHESS)
Thursday 21 May, 10.15am
Philosophy Department, Durham University, seminar room, 50/51 Old Elvet

This article explores the concept of commodity and its meaning for Reiki practitioners in Britain. Reiki practice is a hands-on-healing method with spiritual foundations in which issues surrounding commodity have served as a platform in which to highlight the tensions and current issues that face Reiki practice as it concerns the wider public domain,specifically as it concerns the political and ethical interests of public safety. In discussing Reiki as commodity, the history of CAM regulation and Reiki practice in Britain and the most current issues are highlighted. In this article I demonstrate how the process of marketization of the Reiki brand brings the medical scientific world of evidence based medicine (EBM) andrandomised control trial’s (RCTs) to bear on Reiki practice. Consequently, the spiritual nature of Reiki practice is cut out as a matter out of place in the healthcare market.


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