The Oxford University Press International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry series has just published a book which may be of interest to readers of the Centre for Medical Humanities Blog:

Abraham Rudnick (ed): Recovery of People with Mental Illness: philosophical and related perspectives

1: Abraham Rudnick: Introduction

Section 1: First person accounts in relation to recovery
2: Wilma Boevink: Life beyond psychiatry
3: Margaret Swarbrick: A wellness approach to mental health recovery
4: Eliahu Shamir: Families and patients with mental illness – on the recovery road

Section 2: Historical, epistemological and metaphysical aspects of recovery of people with mental illness
5: Louis C. Charland: Benevolence and discipline: the concept of recovery in early 19th century moral treatment
6: Mike Slade: The epistemological basis of personal recovery
7: Kenneth Gill: Contrasting conceptualizations of recovery imply distinct research methodology
8: Ademola Adeponle, Rob Whitley, and Laurence J. Kirmayer: Cultural contexts and constructions of recovery
9: Beate Schrank, Johannes Wally, and Burghart Schmidt: Recovery and hope in relation to schizophrenia
10: Bradley Lewis: Recovery, narrative theory and generative madness
11: Paul Lysaker and John Lysaker: From being subjected to being a subject: recovery in relation to schizophrenia

Section 3: Justice and other ethical aspects of recovery of people with mental illness
12: Shlomo Kravetz and Ilanit Hasson-Ohayon: Some social science antinomies and their implications for the recovery-oriented approach to mental illness and psychiatric rehabilitation
13: Douglas Porter and Peter Zachar: Recovery and the partitioning of scientific authority in psychiatry
14: Rachel Cooper: Being ill and getting better: recovery and accounts of disorder
15: Tim Thornton: Is recovery a model?
16: Larry Davidson: Considering recovery as a process: or, life is not an outcome
17: Elizabeth Flanagan, Dror Ben Zeev, and Patrick Corrigan: Recovery and stigma: issues of social justice
18: Marcus Yu-Lung Chiu: Recovery and advocacy: contextualising justice in relation to recovery from mental illness in East Asia
19: Abraham Rudnick: Ethical and related practical issues faced by recovery-oriented mental health care providers: a risk-benefit analysis

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