Le projet Paré at Sorbonne University is organising a one-day workshop on June 18th 2018, with talks in both English and French. Speakers include Angela Woods (Durham University) : “Collaboration in the Critical Medical Humanities”, Hervé Chneiweiss (CNRS, président du comité d’éthique de l’INSERM): “L’éthique à l’ère de la médecine génomique” and Laurens de Rooy (Department of Anatomy and Embryology Amsterdam Medical Center, Curator of the Vrolik Museum) : “Museum Vrolik reframed: from a collection of anatomical preparations to a museum of medical history within the academic hospital”.

The full programme for the day is available here. The workshop is free of charge, but please contact Juliette Ferry-Danini if you would like to attend, or if you have any queries.

The workshop will run from 9am – 6pm, and will take place at Amphithéâtre Chasles en Sorbonne, escalier E1, rue Victor Cousin 75005 Paris.



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