Annemarie Jutel Flyer IdeasThe Centre for Medical Humanities and the Qualitative Health Research Group invite you to attend:

‘Putting a Name to It: Diagnosis, health and illness’
Annemarie Jutel
Victoria University of Wellington, Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health

Monday 10th June, 3 – 4.45pm
Williams Library, St. Chad’s College.

While diagnosis is important in identifying and curing disease, it also has a strong social impact. Diagnosis can be a source of anxiety or of relief, of hope or of despair. It structures the experience of health and illness, deciding what counts as normal, defining who is responsible for what disorders, providing frameworks for communication and structuring relationships. It presents a point around which tensions may develop, and interests collide. This presentation will present the sociology of diagnosis, underlining how the material reality of disease is both shaped by, and influences, social life.

Dr Sally Brown, Senior Research Fellow in the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, will give a short response to the paper, followed by general discussion.

All welcome.


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