Image: Egidija Čiricaitė

The exhibition catalogue Prescriptions: Artists’ Books on Wellbeing and Medicine has been published as part of the Wellcome Trust-funded project Artists’ Books and the Medical Humanities. The project is led by the University of Kent and explores the role book arts can play in raising awareness of the richness and value of lived accounts of illness.

The catalogue features work by 82 artists from 15 countries who participated in the exhibition Prescriptions that took place in the Beaney Art Museum in Canterbury in 2016. It also includes essays by medical humanities scholars that introduce this dynamic and intimate medium to the medical humanities community. It is accompanied by an interactive website where visitors can learn more about artists’ books and contribute to the project.

If you are a health professional educator, patient advocate or represent an arts and health organisation or other professional body and would like to receive a free copy of the catalogue to share with members of your group, please get in touch with Dr Stella Bolaki or on Twitter ‎@ArtistsBooks1. As this is a limited edition catalogue, it would be helpful to indicate in your message how you plan to use it and whether you or members of your group would be happy to leave feedback on our website following any activities planned.


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