Post by Anita Wohlmann from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.


Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany, will host a three-day workshop (June 17-19, 2016) on “Narrative Medicine” with faculty from the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. The workshop will be based on Rita Charon’s concept of Narrative Medicine. Alternating between plenary lectures and small-group seminars, the faculty will engage participants with close reading, writing and interviewing exercises.

To fill the few places that are left, the deadline for registration will be extended by a few days until the workshop is full.

Please note a program change: Siri Hustvedt will be in Mainz during the workshop. She has agreed to read a story for a creative writing exercise. Nellie Hermann will be replaced by Danielle Spencer.

For more information and registration, visit the homepage of Mainz University or contact Dr. Anita Wohlmann.


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