Physicians of the Soul:
Between Psychotherapy & Spirituality

September 2-4 2011
Trinity College, University of Oxford

This conference explores the various forms of inter-face between psychotherapy, counselling, psychiatry, pastoral care, theology, spirituality, and philosophy. Papers will examine the notion of psycho-therapia (spirit or soul-care) as understood and expressed in these potentially over-lapping fields of practice and enquiry. In particular, the conference seeks to address the identity and role of the ‘physician of the soul’ across various disciplines, religious cultures, and contexts. The conference is intended to encourage open exploration of its themes leading to future conversations between all involved. It is hoped that this event will mark the beginning of further inclusive and in-depth explorations of the relation between these areas and stimulate further events and dialogues. In this respect, those attending the conference are encouraged to make a valued contribution to the conference itself.

The cost of the conference is £50/£25 waged/unwaged. For registration and enquiries, please contact Dr Simon D Podmore. Download the Physicians of the Soul – Conference Flier here.


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