Photographic Histories of Psychology
One-day postgraduate symposium

25 November, 2014
Trinity House, PHRC, de Montfort University, Leicester

Registration now open (registration fee includes sandwich lunch, tea and coffee)
*£0: PHRC students and speakers
*£10: de Montfort University students
*£20: students
*£26: non students

The registration link is here.


Program: Photographic Histories Of Psychology

10:00 Registration

10:30 Welcome and Introduction Beatriz Pichel

11:00 First Session

  • Cristina Moraru (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University): “Post-Memory Processes. The Reproduction of Psychological Past Through Photography”
  • Allison Heutz (Ecole du Louvre): “The Scientific Study of Emotions in France at the Turn of the Century”
  • David Keller (Universitat zu Lubeck): “Picturing a Person’s Essence: Photographic Materials as Epistemic Instruments in the History of Early Personality Diagnosis”

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Keynote Lecture: Dr. Mathew Thomson (University of Warwick): “Photography and the Landscape of the Child in Twentieth Century Britain”

14:30 Coffee Break

15:00 Second session

  • Leticia Fernandez (University of Greenwich): “Imagining the Uprooted Child: Pain, Separation anxiety and the Second World War”
  • Julie Mazaleigue (Universite de Picardie Jules Verne): “Mental Disorders, Degeneration and Criminality (1880-1910): The Photographs of “Stigmata of Degeneration”, a History Between Psychology, Criminology, Police and Collective Representations”
  • Katherine Rawling (Royal Holloway): ““The Photographs Illustrating the Book are Good and Well Chosen”. Photography and the Configuration of Psychiatric Knowledge in Late-Nineteenth Century Books”
  • David Gentilcore, Edigio Priani (University of Leicester): “Towards an Iconography of Pellagrous Insanity in Venice, 1873-1912”

17:00 Final Discussion

17:30 Wine Reception

More information is here or please contact Dr. Beatriz Pichel.


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