Phenomenology of Breathing
Royal Fort House
University of Bristol
Thursday 14 May 2015, 1-5

Session 1: 1-2.30

  • Havi Carel (Bristol): A phenomenology of breathlessness
  • Sheena Hyland (Dublin City University) : Body and breath: phenomenological perspectives
  • Anya Farennikova (Bristol): Is it possible to feel breathless?’

2.30 coffee break

Session 2: 3-4.30

  • Tina Williams (Bristol) : TBC
  • Luna Dolezal (Durham): The phenomenology of breath awareness and controlled breathing in introspective body practices
  • Ulrika Maude (Bristol): The ways in which poetic language is predicated on the rhythms of the body, especially breath

4.30 afternoon tea

The workshop is funded by the Wellcome Trust and is part of the Life of Breath project. Attendance is free and all are welcome. To register for this event and for further information please email Jess Farr-Cox.


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