Two very exciting new job opportunities in the Humanities and Social Science department at Wellcome are part of our expanded funding of these fields, and constitute new additions to the department. The first, which will be of most immediate interest is for a Portfolio Development Manager for the Medical Humanities schemes. This is a senior position that reports directly to Dan O’Connor as Head of Department, and they would be responsible for (as the job title suggests) the long term strategic development of our grants portfolio in the health-related humanities and arts subjects. The job advert can be read in full here.

The other new role is exactly the same, but overseeing our Society and Ethics grants portfolio. That advert can be read in full here.
For both positions someone with a PhD in a relevant humanities or social science subject is welcom to apply. Questions from prospective applicants can be answered by contacting Dan O’Connor, Head of Humanities and Social Science at the Wellcome Trust, directly.

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