After deliberating over the 57 applications received for the New Generations Programme, we are pleased to announce the following individuals as members of the Programme Cohort:

  • Rebecca Brown, ECR, University of Aberdeen
  • Victoria Bates, ECR, University of Bristol
  • Jana Funke, ECR, University of Exeter
  • Sam Goodman, ECR, Bournemouth University
  • Claude Jousselin, PGR, Goldsmiths
  • Zoë Mendelson, PGR, Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London
  • Luna Dolezal, ECR, Trinity College
  • James Stark, ECR, University of Leeds
  • Fiona Johnstone, PGR, Birbeck, University of London
  • Ben Kasstan, PGR, University of Durham
  • Matt Colbeck, PGR, University of Sheffield
  • Hieke Huistra, ECR, Utrecht University
  • Michael Flexer, PGR, University of Leeds
  • Emily Troscianko, ECR, University of Oxford

Congratulations are in order! The many applications were competitive and the steering group spent many hours to consider each and every applicant for the programme. Watch this space as these individuals will participate in adding posts to this blog as they participate in the New Generations workshops!


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