The Hearing the Voice project is hosting talks by two visiting anthropologists this Wednesday 18 September: Andrew Irving (University of Manchester), will be speaking on ‘Everyday (Ad)ventures in Ekphrastic Ethnography’ in the Henry Dyson Room (Hild-Bede) from 3.30 to 5pm. This will be followed by the Joint Special Interest Group in Psychosis, featuring a presentation from Professor Janis H Jenkins on ‘Tangible Experience of the Extaordinary and the Ordinary: Psychosis as a Fundamental Human Process’ from 5.30 -7 pm. All welcome.

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Rodney Yates · September 16, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Schizophrenia is never being able to trust your senses, with all-pervasive ‘seeing things which “are not there”‘ and hearing what no one else hears. To suggest that this cannot be harnessed to augment talents from within is to deny us the gifts which we would undeniably possess, if these were not smothered and stifled with over-medicating clincian-interventions. What is at stake is the most salient discrimination issue we have in mental health today. Never can it be more vital for our futures than to get the balances right and the treatment humane so it does not deny people their livelihoods and gives full scope for our attributes to flourish. This is why rehab, facilitating properly supported recovery of skills and no curtailment of opportunities is ‘make or break’ for people with this diagnosis.

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