The Centre for Global Health Histories (CGHH) at the University of York is running a number public lectures in York in the coming months. Each one will be held in the Berrick Saul Building, University of York, Heslington West Campus, starting at 6.00pm. All are welcome to attend these events, admission is free and no ticket required.

16 April
: York public lecture ‘Nervousness and African Therapeutics in a Colonial Situation’ with Professor Nancy Rose Hunt. In this lecture, Professor Hunt will show why it is useful for medical historians to rethink the Belgian colonial state as not only biopolitical but nervous in nature. Its medicalizing face investigated the birth rate, rolled out penicillin, and founded an infertility clinic. Its nervous face tracked the security risks posed by Congolese healers and other therapeutic rebels. Visit us online for more details.

Upcoming lectures:


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