We cordially invite you to submit your manuscript to Mirabilia Medicinæ 2 (2014/1), the second issue on Medical Humanities, by May 31, 2014. Mirabilia Medicinæ is a special supplement of Mirabilia Journal (ISSN 1676-5818).

Mirabilia Medicinæ Journal is an online publication which provides articles, documents and academic reviews produced by scholars of the Medical Humanities. Such an area includes studies in Philosophy of Medicine, Bioethics and Medical Ethics, History of Medicine, Medicine and Arts, Narrative Medicine, Literature and other humanistic content in the search for the Modern, Medieval and Ancient roots of contemporary medicine. Mirabilia is a B2 Journal (WebQualis in Brazil) from the Institut d’Estudis Medievals from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and is indexed in the following databases: Dialnet, InterClassica, Latindex, Regesta Imperii, BIBP (Base d’Information Bibliographique en Patristique) and UAB-DDD (Dipòsit Digital de Documents de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

Mirabilia is a Latin word which means “admirable things” or “wonders” and comes from the verb “mirare”, i.e. “to look at”. Therefore, this name evokes the admirable aspects of medicine in the context of humanities from the classic Greek to the Modern Age.

Mirabilia Medicinæ Journal intends not only to unite the studies of different branches in the human sciences inside the context of Medical Humanities, but also to establish a dialogue between the past and the present in medicine. It is an essential step in humanizing the Brazilian physician and capacitate him to a deeply and broad knowledge of the human experience.

In the second issue, the journal will include the works addressing the following theme: “The Foundations of Bioethics”.  There will be also space for contributions in other themes in the subsection Varia, and I hope you feel comfortable in sending us your article.

Mirabilia Medicinae:

Mirabilia Medicinae Volume 1: http://www.revistamirabilia.com/medicinae/issues/medicinae-1-2013-2;


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