A one-day international conference delivered by renowned experts in the field through keynote lectures.

Willing Addicts? Drinkers, Dandies, Druggies and other Dionysians: Owen Flanagan (James B Duke Professor and Professor of Neurobiology, Duke University, USA)

This talk will discuss the reasons some addicts choose addiction rather than “recovery”, whether addiction is always a disorder, and whether it is a physical, mental, or moral disorder.

Psychopathology and Self-relatedness: Conceptual Issues: Gerrit Glas (Professor of Philosophy and Psychiatry, VU University, Netherlands)

The view that psychiatry needs a clinical conception of psychopathology will be defended, alongside scientific conceptions. This clinical conception is both self-related and context-oriented. The talk will mainly concentrate on the self-relational aspects of psychopathology and will introduce the little known, but important notion of self-referentiality. Professor Glas will illustrate how thoughtful use of the concepts of self-relatedness and self-referentiality may help to understand and make sense of the layeredness of clinical manifestations of mental illness.

Premembering Perception: Anna Christina Nobre (Professor of Translational Cognitive Neuroscience, Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity and Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, UK)

What we perceive is continuously and proactively shaped by the memories of what we experienced in the past and by our current task goals. This talk will illustrate how we go about investigating these mechanisms in the human brain, and review some of our findings to date.

DSM-5: Stasis and Change: Rachel Cooper (Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University, UK)

This talk examines the categories and diagnostic criteria for DSM-5, along with three key changes between DSM-5 and DSM-IV, finishing by trying to make sense of how it is that the conceptual framework of the D.S.M. can shift while the diagnostic criteria it contains remain fairly constant.

Further details and online booking – click here.
Venue: St Hilda’s College, Oxford offering plenty of networking opportunities.
Residential and non-residential options are available.


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