This event is free to attend. If you would like to attend please email or alternaively email to express you interest.

Date and Time: Thursday October 16th 2014 Tea and Coffee Reception from 12:30pm Sessions will begin at 13:00 and run until 17:00. Wine reception from 17:00

Venue: Committee Rooms, Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3WT

With funding provided by Cardiff’s University Graduate College, this half-day event will present methodological developments on the cutting edge of Mental Health and Wellbeing research.

Mental Health and Wellbeing research encompasses a large and varied body of research. It is a topic that can be approached from a variety of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives. Within this broad-ranging and multi-disciplinary field, novel research runs the risk of being siloed, reducing the critical exposure which can be brought to bear upon it by other disciplinary perspectives.

This conference recognises this challenge and aims to overcome it through a strong commitment to interdisciplinarity. Researchers from psychology and the social and medical sciences will present research displaying novel methods from within their respective fields, establishing an arena for the fruitful cross-pollination of various disciplinary and theoretical perspectives

The event will have a distinctly international flavour. Work from researchers based in Poland, The Netherlands and Cardiff will be presented in order to further widen the scope for novel interactions between researchers from theoretically and geographically disparate fields.

A keynote talk will be presented by Distinguished Research Professor Harry Collins, who will present an introduction to the Imitation Game. The Imitation Game is a novel research method in the Social Sciences developed at Cardiff University, with applications in a wide range of fields, including Mental Health and Wellbeing Research.


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