Metaphor in Health Communication workshop: One-day symposium at Lancaster University

On 14 February 2014, Lancaster University, in collaboration with RaAM, will host a one-day symposium on metaphor and health communication. The day will feature seven talks and discussions with the audience. Confirmed speakers and titles are:

  • Jonathan Charteris-Black (University of the West of England): Complex metaphors in illness discourse
  • Paul Dempster (University of York): The metaphor of final journeys: Staff memorialisation of dying elderly residents in care homes
  • Nekya Koteyko (University of Leicester): Metaphors of the immune system in online advertisements of probiotics producers
  • Brigitte Nerlich (Nottingham University): Epigenetics: Exploring a new post-genomic metaphorical landscape
  • Gabriella Rundblad (King’s College): Soups, stews, cocktails and brews: A taste of the (non-existent) health threat of emerging contaminants in UK and US media
  • David Southall (Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust): Co-creating new worlds: Metaphor and narrative in concert for the palliative patient
  • Bella Vivat (Brunel University): “It’s in the back of my mind”: talking about spiritual wellbeing with people receiving palliative care for cancer
  • Veronika Koller and Elena Semino (Lancaster University): Metaphor in end-of-life care

Please note that there will be no call for papers for this event, instead we will allocate 30 places for audience members on a first come, first served basis. To register, please contact Jane Demmen. The event is free, including lunch and refreshments, but we ask audience members to organise their own accommodation.


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