Men, masculinity and infertility: towards a theoretical understanding of men’s experiences of infertility and its treatment
Dr Alan Dolan (University of Warwick)

Qualitative Health Research Group Seminar
Wednesday 10th December, 12-2
Ebsworth Building, D013, Queen’s Campus, Durham University
Please reply to Jackie Pankhurst to confirm your attendance.

In In the UK, it is estimated that infertility affects one in seven couples or about 3.5 million people (HFEA 2008). Male-factor infertility accounts for around one-third of all infertility problems and contributes to an additional one-third of cases where the cause is attributed to both male and female factors. However, studies that take account of masculinity remain in their infancy and tend to be retrospective in nature, with men reflecting on their experiences of infertility from the vantage point of having assumed a parenting role, either through adoption or donor insemination. Consequently, expressions of active desire for a child and the potential for pain concerning failure are missing from some studies. Previous studies have also not explored the views and attitudes of health care professionals concerning masculinity and how these may mediate men’s experiences when undergoing infertility treatment. This talk presents evidence form a qualitative study which investigated how men experience infertility and infertility treatments, whilst in the process of undergoing treatment. It also presents the experience of healthcare professionals working with men undergoing infertility treatment.

Alan Dolan is Associate Professor at Warwick University; his research interests include men’s health and masculinities, inequalities in health, smoking and poverty.

The Qualitative Health Research Group is supported by the Wolfson Research Institute.



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