British Sociological Association Yorkshire MedSoc Group Event
Friday 16th January 2015: 12:00 – 4.30pm
University of York, Tree House, Berrick Saul Building BS/104

Keynote: Deborah Lupton, Canberra University, Australia: “Digital health data, big and small: some critical sociological reflections’”

Presentations: John Gardner, University of York, UK, “The broad clinical gaze in paediatric deep brain stimulation”; Chrissy Buse, University of Leeds, UK, “Looking out of place: clothing and the boundaries of ‘home’ and privacy in dementia care”; Clare Jackson, University of York, UK “Healthcare professionals initiating decisions in labour: A pilot conversation analytic study of data from One Born Every Minute.”

The meeting is open to researchers, academics and postgraduate students. We also welcome anyone who has an interest in the sociology of health and illness.

Cost of attendance: Lunch and refreshments will be provided. To cover our costs and to help with future meetings the following charges will apply: £15 for BSA Members, £20 for Non-members, £10 for BSA Concessionary members, and £15 for Non-member students.

Registration is here


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