An interdisciplinary enquiry into objects in medicine, featuring papers on medical technologies, texts, therapies and research objects, and the theoretical and disciplinary questions they raise.


  • Dr Barry Murnane (Oxford University)
    ‘The Pharmacology of Medical Things’
  • Dr Harriet Cooper (UEA)
    ‘Medical Objects, Medical Subjects: Some Reflections on Disciplinary Objectives and Attachments’
  • Dr William Viney (Durham)
    ‘Is That a Twin Thing?’
  • Dr Heather Tilley (Birkbeck)
    ‘Neurological Casenotes, 1860s-70s’
  • Dr Fiona Johnstone (Birkbeck)
    ‘Medical Objects or Works of Art?: The Adamson Collection’
  • Oisin Wall (Science Museum)
    ‘Cultural Optimism and Midcentury Modern Design of Medical Technology’
  • Dr Sophie Jones (Leeds)
    ‘The Prescription’
  • Dr Hallvard Haug (Birkbeck)
    ‘Dead Set on Staying Alive: Intensive Care Apparatus and Post-Mortem Preparation for Cryonics’
  • Harriet Barratt Dorling (Sussex)
    ‘Stomach Pumps and Dressing Tables: Absent and Insistent Objects in the Life and Work of Virginia Woolf’
  • Dr Lisa Mullen (Birkbeck)
    ‘Podcast: Bodies and Objects’: Featuring interviews with doctors and patients about their experiences of the material culture of medicine.


Keynes Library, Birkbeck School of Arts
43 Gordon Square
10am-6pm 13 July 2015. Lunch and refreshments provided.

Registration is free but essential.

**Travel bursaries are available for those wishing to attend who are based outside London. (Subject to availability, and if oversubscribed preference will be given to students/unwaged). To apply please contact by 8 July 2016. **

Generously supported by the Wellcome Trust.


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