This symposium brings together a range of speakers, from around the UK and abroad, to consider different perspectives on medical confidentiality and privacy. The meeting has been designed to enhance understanding of both contemporary areas of concern and debate, and of how relevant issues have evolved over time and within different socio-legal contexts. In doing so, it is intended to facilitate dialogue, and encourage future collaboration, between experts from different backgrounds and academic disciplines, including: history, law, philosophy, medicine and professional regulation.

Topics covered will include analysis of medical confidentiality and privacy in relation to: notification of crime; medical evidence in court; genetics; disease surveillance; children; health research; and the development of professional guidance and regulation.

Confirmed speakers include:  Professor George Annas (Boston); Dr Emma Cave (Durham); Dr Al Dowie (Glasgow); Professor Amy Fairchild (Columbia, New York); Dr Angus Ferguson (Glasgow); Professor Holger Maehle (Durham); Professor Jean McHale (Birmingham); Dr Karen Melham (Oxford); Professor Sabine Michalowski (Essex); Jane O’Brien and Fionnula Flannery (General Medical Council).

For more information please contact Luca Guariento.


Prof.R.Rubens M.D.M.Sc. · February 7, 2014 at 2:07 pm

As member of the provincial and national Council for physicians (Ordre des Medecins) in Belgium, retired professor of endocrinology and medical ethicsn, past chairman of the medical ethics committee of the University Hospital in Ghent., having written papers about medical ethics , mainly in Dutch, I am very much interested in your conference about medical confidentiality. Could I get some more information please? Thanks R.Rubens

mdiclhumanities · February 7, 2014 at 6:47 pm

Dear Professor Rubens,

Please write to the symposium convenor, Luca Guariento, for more information:

With best wishes, Will Viney.

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