The next King’s College London Philosophy of Medicine seminar will be held 25th March, 13.30 – 15.00, Virginia Woolf Building, Room 7.17 (Building F on this map)

Professor Matthew Ratcliffe, Durham University
How Anxiety Produces Verbal Hallucinations
This paper addresses the phenomenology of verbal hallucinations, focusing on the role of anxiety. Pronounced feelings of anxiety are frequently associated with verbal hallucinations and it has been suggested that anxiety somehow triggers them. I show how anxious anticipation of one’s own thought contents can constitute an experience of their being ‘alien’. This accounts for a substantial proportion of verbal hallucinations, those that are experienced as falling within one’s psychological boundaries and as lacking in auditory qualities. Others, which are experienced as external in origin and much like veridical auditory perceptions, arise due to anxious anticipation of external events

Upcoming seminars
29th April 2014: Barry Smith (University at Buffalo)
6th May 2014: Anna Bergqvist (Manchester Metropolitan University)


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