Maternal Geographies: A special issue of Emotion, Space and Society

This is a call for abstract submissions for a proposed Special Issue of Emotion, Space and Society. The Special Issue proposal will be subject to review by the journal editors (other than Catherine Robinson, who will act as Guest Editor). Should the proposal be accepted, full papers can then be developed for submission and review. The final acceptance of all papers is subject to successful peer review.

The key concern of this Special Issue is the exploration of the placed nature of maternal feeling. Maternal feeling is materialised, and given experiential force through broad cultural environments, specific physical geographies and sites, and intimate corporeal geographies. Indeed it is precisely the work of feeling to thread together cultural, physical and corporeal landscapes. This Special Issue traces the routes/roots of maternal feeling within such landscapes. Of interest are normative ideals of maternal feeling, as well as the range of lived maternal feelings which always shadow, undo, challenge and overflow these. Ambivalence, violence, depression, trauma, stress, grief and shame mix uneasily but persistently with more publicly expressed and expected feelings of joy, fulfilment, pride, competence, creativity, harmony and love.

Specifically, the Special Issue seeks analytical accounts of how all such feelings are produced and experienced in and through place. In revealing how maternal feeling is subject to multiple and often competing mappings, ‘Maternal Geographies’ contributes to the denaturalisation of the maternal. ‘Maternal Geographies’ offers a collection of critical accounts of the sites, practices and bodies through which maternal feeling is compelled, assembled and challenged.

Submissions should be 400 words maximum.


  • Abstracts due: July 1st 2015
  • Notification of acceptance: August 1st 2015
  • Full papers due: November 1st 2015
  • Papers sent out for peer review: By December 1st 2015

Please email all abstracts and inquiries to Catherine Robinson, Editor, Emotion, Space and Society


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