Last chance to register! A symposium on ‘Living a Good Life in Older Age’ at the University of Warwick, UK, 5th and 6th July 2018. The event is being run by Dr Liz Barry as part of the Historicizing the Ageing Self project at the University of Bergen, led by Dr Margery Vibe Skagen. The symposium aims to go beyond current conceptions of ‘successful ageing’, to think about justice, contentment and wellbeing in older age. Without neglecting the biological and social aspects of late life, it will seek a historically sensitive, critical and values-based model of ageing. To this end, we will use literature, history, philosophy, psychology and medicine to think about subjective and objective perspectives on what it is to age well, even in the face of loss, illness and cognitive decline. The symposium is free, but registration is necessary.

Please contact Dr Liz Barry by 27 June if you would like to attend. Further details are available on the symposium website, including programme and paper abstracts. #olderage2018


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